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mikeofmacc 26.09.2015 21:56

Basler Herbstmesse 2015

I lived in Switzerland for a year back in 2011/2012 and I was completely taken by the spirit of the Basler Herbstmesse in late October. Me and a load of work mates, spent a Saturday afternoon walking round all the different sites of the Herbstmesse in the city, before ending up in Messeplatz where there was a beer tent and we spent the evening drinking steins and dancing on the tables. It was absolutely in the top 10 memories of my year abroad.

Now, I'm going back for a week away with a couple of mates who didn't get chance to come visit me last time. We're going to be there on Sat 24 Oct and have the whole day in the city to enjoy this again. Everyone who is with me has expressed interest in being part of the beer drinking and dancing that I experienced last time, but I can't find any info relating to it? Is there still a beer tent where we can go and enjoy our last night in the city? Is it still at Messeplatz?

Thanks in advance!

Guest 26.09.2015 23:14

Re: Basler Herbstmesse 2015
The Herbstmesse is pretty much the same every year, Mike (well, not the same as it was 544 years ago, but you know what I mean...). So if you liked the beer tent at Messeplatz, it'll still be there and you'll still like it.

Having said that, the rides at Messeplatz have in fact changed since you were last here, following the redevelopment of the Messe buildings.

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