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lalettan 11.07.2019 15:38

Travelling to Lugano
Hi all

We are planning a trip from Zurich to lugano with our 1 year old son in 2 weeks.(July30 to Aug 3) Which one would ypu suggest :by car or by train? We have a Babycarriage, 1 luggage + 1 small bag

By Train:


  • Zurich - Lugano = 2.15 hrs

  • Ticket =260 CHF for 2 person ( two way)

  • Curious about how the seating will be and whether we will be able to place our luggage and babycarriage without disturbing others.
  • How to keep our lil one calm and quite. He dont sit anymore in laps. Always crawling around.
  • If you want to go around places in lugano ( like San salvatore, Swiss minatur) you will have to depend on public transportation.

By Car:

  • You are flexible. You can stop whenever you want.( our lil one is not so comfortable in sitting in his child seat in car for a long time.
  • Travel cost = max. 2 Full Tanks ( approx. 150 CHF or max. 200 CHF)


  • Traffic ( anyways planning to avoid Gotthard Tunnel; but taking San Bernardino or other passes may also increase travel time)
  • Parking in Lugano ( extra charges)
  • Travel time of minimum 3.5 hrs without traffic block and without any stops in between.

So i am really confused which one to choose.

Any tips for the trip from anyone?

THanks in advance

st2lemans 11.07.2019 16:28

Re: Travelling to Lugano
If no traffic, car is 2 hours (train station to train station), not 3.5 hours.

Train is 2h16-2h24, if it's on time.

However, traffic will be hell in two weeks, so take the train.


Bucks 11.07.2019 16:51

Re: Travelling to Lugano
I would advise taking the train and try to reserve the seats. It just costs a bit extra but it really helps during very busy train rides.
We normally go to Lugano or Locarno with the train and as we have a membership with Mobility we just book a car for short trips around Lugano and the the little towns in the Italian border.

Either way I hope you have a great family holiday. Lugano (and Ticino in general) is a beautiful part of Switzerland.

erchegyia 11.07.2019 16:56

Re: Travelling to Lugano
Buy the train tickets in advance (supersaver) and reserve seats to the EC. Pretty comfy.

lalettan 24.07.2019 14:12

Re: Travelling to Lugano
Thank you all.. We finally decided to go by train. And luckly we were able to get "Sparbillette" for a cheaper price. ( e.g--> Lugano to ZH 19.80 CHF without GA/Halbtax). altogether much cheaper than car. Altogether below 100 CHF for 2 person to and fro. :)

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