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yorkshire_lad 28.07.2008 10:04

Säntis - Share your experience

Hello there,

I like to visit above place this weekened and need your feedback. How much time one should allocate to visit this place, I live ZH.


28.07.2008 10:09

Re: Säntis - Share your experience

Originally Posted by yorkshire_lad (Post 278750)
I like to visit above place this weekened and need your feedback. How much time one should allocate to visit this place, I live ZH

Well.. a weekend should take about 2 days of your time.

Talkietoaster 28.07.2008 10:15

Re: Säntis - Share your experience
Why go there, if you could go here : http://www.drehrestaurant.ch/ (Elevation 3500m)


crimsond 28.07.2008 10:41

Re: Säntis - Share your experience
It depends if you are planning to hike up to the top, or you one of the lazy b**stardos (like me), that usually use cable car. ;)

In first case, I'd suggest to go there early in the morning. Depending on how fit you are it should take four to six hours to get to the top. (alhought in early years those who were transporting building materials up to Säntis could do more than one trip to the top ;) )

If you don't plan to hike up there, I suggest to combine Säntis with other activities, like visiting Appenzeller and having dinner there.
It takes 1.5 hrs to drive to Säntis. Cable cars to the top are very frequent and take only few minutes. (Check the weather before going there, it's a waste of money to get up there if the top is hiding in a cloud.) I didn't particulary like the restaurant up there, and if you won't visit it in about 1-1.5 hours you'll be heading down.

yorkshire_lad 28.07.2008 13:37

Re: Säntis - Share your experience
Thanks for the feedback received so far.

My main purpose is to enjoy cable car journey and viewing in general. Dinning or staying is not on agenda.


AbFab 28.07.2008 13:52

Re: Säntis - Share your experience
Up and down the Säntis is essentially a bore. But the whole Alpstein area, of which the Säntis is the highest peak is well worth a visit.

For example the Berggasthaus Aescher under Ebenalp and accessed on foot through a cave is frankly unbelievable.

The Geological walk from the Hoher Kasten is also well worth doing.

You'll need a day for each...

kookykrys 28.07.2008 22:51

Re: Säntis - Share your experience
I'm not sure how long you'd like to spend there, but it seems like you could spend as long or as short of time as you would like. My husband, child, and I went there just the other weekend, and we saw lots of different options for hiking trails from 20 minutes to 5 hours. We still need to get an off-road stroller, so we only were able to take one of the well trodden paths. And unfortunately, we couldn't take the cable car, because our child is too young. But we hung out at the restaurant at the base of the mountain and enjoyed the weather, so that was nice. I've got pictures here.

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