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Baselg 25.07.2021 17:09

Half fare card

I recently brought a half fare card a few weeks ago and there has been some delays and it hasnít come yet in the post.

I received a nice little ticket with a barcode on which shows that I do indeed have a half fare card which is temporary.

It expires tomorrow and I need to take a trip down to Zurich for business will I be ok using it will the conductors in the train be nice and let me off or should I go to the ticket office at SBB and ask them to give me a new one till the physical card comes in the post?

What time does the SBB information centre open in Basel as I will be passing through about 6am.

Anyone else experienced this while waiting for the half fare card?

blackbird 25.07.2021 17:15

Re: Half fare card
Do you got a swiss pass login ?
If so , you can import your half taxcard into the sbb app.

nickatbasel 26.07.2021 19:34

Re: Half fare card
I cancelled my GA as it reached its expiry date and got a halbtax. The dearth of journeys made just donít justify the GA cost in spite of the convenience,

The nice part is - as mentioned above - you can load the Halbtax into the SBB app - I use it in conjunction with Easyride which so far has been perfect for short trips around Zurich. For longer trips, I donít trust my phone battery to last so would prolly buy / print tickets online or at the station.

We were inspected 3x in the last two days - just display the QR code on the app - no need to fish out the Halbtax.

Caryl 26.07.2021 20:35

Re: Half fare card
I haven't had a physical abonnement CFF in years. It's on my iPhone. I use it so rarely (it's taken into consideration when I buy a ticket on the CFF app) that typically the conductor has to help me. I keep the abonnement valid for the same reason I keep my ham radio licence valid although I hardly use it. It's part of my past life. I do know how to buy a ticket on the app.

Andreasdcl 27.07.2021 08:36

Re: Half fare card
You can upload it directly on you phone with you Trave Pass number. Plus, when they check the temporary card they don't really care about the date, just that you have one and it has your name on it!

Hope you get your card soon!

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