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Jamboree 12.10.2021 23:16

Sion --- Visiting
Congratulations to me: I just won a 2 night stay in downtown Sion.
I'm excited as I haven't been there before.

I'll be staying there this month for the 2 nights.
I'm looking for things to do.
Yes it's October, and the weather is a bit iffy but I'll have a car and I'm open to doing just about anything --- I'm eager to see all that Sion (and the surrounding area) has to offer.

Anyone have recommendations?
Stuff I'm looking for:
* Hiking areas (weather permitting)
* photo locations
* Old town
* just about anything ---

Island Monkey 12.10.2021 23:38

Re: Sion --- Visiting
There's a surf centre https://alaiabay.ch/en/

Castles, vinyards etc

Jamboree 12.10.2021 23:46

Re: Sion --- Visiting
surf center --- that's definitely going on the list. I've never surfed but hey, when in Sion - do as the Sion's do.......

Deep Purple 12.10.2021 23:53

Re: Sion --- Visiting
A visit up to the castle, museum and basilica are a must. "It’s known for 2 hilltop fortifications: the 13th-century Tourbillon Castle ruins and the Valère Castle complex, with a basilica housing an organ over 500 years old."

stephen_NE 13.10.2021 00:02

Re: Sion --- Visiting
An easy hike with a starting point very close to the centre of Sion (article in French): https://www.hikr.org/tour/post22988.html

JackieH 13.10.2021 13:51

Re: Sion --- Visiting
Along the Rhône between Sion and Sierre, there is a nature reserve/woods and peat bogs, called Pfyn-Finges- mostly on the flat and easy, and great for migrating birds with all the ponds.

And do you know about the 'bisses' or Levadas in Madeira? Shallow water ways built by Romans and probably before, to bring water to vineyards, fruit trees and cultures in the very hot, dry Summers in the Valais plains. They have different degrees of difficulty, some are not for the fainthearted- but are never steep, as the water has to rund at just the right gradient, too fast and it will spill over, too slow and sediments will quickly block th 'bisses, which are either cut into rock, or flow into channels made with local Arolla pine which does not rot. Always a footpath all along- wonderful this time of year. Close to Sion you have Bisse de Chervé, Bisse du Milieu et Vieux. Bisse de Salin et de Baar. and on the other side (north) Bisse de Mont d'Orge et Siphon, petit et grand bisse de la Tsandra, Bisse de Savièse, Bisse de Lens.

Sadly the spa in Saillon just outside Sion is closed due to a fire and refurb- but you could drive up to its twin (same hot water source) in Ovronnaz (bains d'Ovronnaz)- lots of great walk above there too.

You can park at the bottom and walk to the small medieval town of Saillon (above the closed spa!).

Jamboree 13.10.2021 18:29

Re: Sion --- Visiting
these are great options. Thank you everyone. I'm digging deeper into them all --- specially Jackie H's cool sounding "hikes".

JackieH 13.10.2021 19:06

Re: Sion --- Visiting
Suonen in German- tell us how you get on. We will be in Ovronnaz soon for a week of walking and bathing in hot waters - bliss.

The larch trees are turning golden yellow, and other deciduous trees every shade of yellow, red and orange. We will have a kitchen, so perhaps a few wild mushrooms to be found on our walks.

DL21 13.10.2021 19:26

Re: Sion --- Visiting
depending on when you go .... rallye du valais.

Jamboree 14.10.2021 13:27

Re: Sion --- Visiting

Originally Posted by DL21 (Post 3355885)
depending on when you go .... rallye du valais.

OH wow --- I don't think I'll be there then BUT Now I think I may be returning then. I didn't know about this, thanks for sharing.

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