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PaddyG 11.02.2011 11:19

Trojan heads-up
Got a nasty little rogue last night :(
It's called Security Shield and disguises itself as an anti-virus programme. It trys to get you to access the website and fill in your details for a "license". It will block you from opening ant-virus and anti-spyware programmes such as AVG, Super antispyware etc, telling you they are infected with bogus viruses, as well as informing you that entirely harmless and vital processes are infected or dangerous. Even prevented me from opening Task manager or Windows Defender (which didn't pick it up anyway). Very dangerous little sod, which could easily fool someone less PC-literate. Was unable to uninstall it, so had to find its root directory, rename it so it wouldn't boot at start-up and then delete the folder and finally sweep out the regsitry entries with Super antispyware. Took me best part of an hour to do so. Really does look like genuine anti-virus software. The lengths some people go to... :msnmad:

MusicChick 25.05.2011 19:25

Warning: PC bug, Antispyware 2011 (trojan)
I had this 2 days ago, too, but on PC and it was called the Security whatever threat, with terrible pop ups and slow death.

I googled and found out it was the AntiSpyware 2011, trojan, while trying to get rid of it, also downloaded very sketchy Spyware Doctor, probably a similar trojan since it blocked all it could and constantly just demanded cash.

I managed to remove all nasties by switching into safe mode, updating malware bytes and spybot search and destroy, neither worked in regular mode, nor mozilla, nor avira. I had to react quick, update all and run through, it took a couple of runs, too. Went to bed at 5am.

I didn't dare manually remove, since it seemed complicated, but if you catch it fast and zip over to safe mode, then use the anti trojan stuff, it seemed to work. Some damage might have been done since I don't seem to be able to switch my pc to automatic updates, the security center seems to be bugging, still. I need to upgrade my technical geekiness, fo sho, seriously lacking.

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