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wortkettle 18.03.2011 13:25

Swisscom TV plus to DVD?
I've recently "upgraded" to a Swisscom TV Plus box, which allows me to record TV programmes on its own hard disc.

How can I transfer these recordings to my DVD recorder, so I can edit them and then save on DVD? I've tried all sorts of combinations of cable connections, but nothing seems to work.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

swiss bill 18.03.2011 13:57

Re: Swisscom TV plus to DVD?
First of all it is possible: I have been recording from the Bluewin TV hard disk to DVD for some time. My set up is a Sony TV with HDMI input which I normally use, but has to be disconnected during the transfer. I have a Philips DVD (Cassette/ DVD recorder) model DVDR3510V.

From the TV, cable a Scart on the AV2 o/p to the EXT2 of the DVD recorder, another Scart from the EXT1 of the DVD recorder to the bottom Scart socket of the Bluewin TV box (I think this latter is labelled 'Scart Out (to TV)' on the box).

Remember to disconnect the HDMI to the TV during recordings. (Very) occasionally the TV programs are encrypted and the transfer does not work. Also, during recording transfers, your system is blocked during the transfer time. Once you have the cables in place, the only fidgety bit is disconnecting/reconnecting the HDMI to the back of the TV. Good luck!

wortkettle 18.03.2011 17:06

Re: Swisscom TV plus to DVD?
Thanks Swiss Bill, I think disconnecting the HDMI cable may do the trick!

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