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ChiChiNATOR 27.03.2011 23:56

Not Getting SMS from the States
I have a technical issue; hopefully someone can help me.

I've been using M-budget, then Swisscom prepaid since I arrived in Switzerland a couple years ago. I decided to switch to an Orange subscription. Since my number was ported to Orange 2 weeks ago, I haven't been able to get any text messages from the states (although people in the states get messages from me.) After many, many frustrating calls with Orange, they told me it's not their problem as they can't even see that there were any messages that were attempted to be sent to me. They said it must be a problem from the cell phone service providers in the states. Now, I could believe this if it was the same American provider over and over again but my friends/family use a variety of providers in the states.

Luckily, because I already had a phone (Nokia C3, if that helps), Orange told me I could cancel and port back to M-budget with paying a subscription penalty. But before I do that, I was wondering if anyone had any advice to offer as to why this all of a sudden is happening. A Swiss friend told her father my problem and he said perhaps Swisscom didn't do something properly before my number got ported. I will call Swisscom's technical support tomorrow and see what they say.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

dino 28.03.2011 00:20

Re: Not Getting SMS from the States
I have always had problems sending /receiving SMSs to/from the US. And not just in Switzerland.
It does work most of the time - you just can't count on it.

It seems the US networks haven't quite figured out the new technology yet.

mirfield 28.03.2011 11:02

Re: Not Getting SMS from the States
It also depends on inter-operator agreements.

There was a period where SMS sent from my Swisscom phone wouldn't be delivered to Orange UK (I don't know whether it's sorted now - I got rid of the wife so that I wouldn't have to waste money sending SMS to her mother's Orange UK phone).

So that might be the issue - though I've no idea where you could check this, which makes the information pretty useless really. Sorry.

tw44 28.03.2011 12:16

Re: Not Getting SMS from the States
I am on Orange here and my brother is on AT&T in the US and we have had no problems. (That I know of!!) I can get his messages and he can get mine.

JoshT 04.04.2011 00:45

Re: Not Getting SMS from the States
I think also that Sprint and Verizon subscribers can't send and receive texts from Switzerland (and possibly Europe as a whole). I am not sure if this is a provider issue, or somehting to do with the fact they are CDMA and Europe is GSM. Texting from my Sunrise phone to Cingular/AT&T or T-Mobile USA has never been an issue for me.

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