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taskalem 23.05.2011 16:53

Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein?
Dear all,

I would like to install a satellite dish for Eutelsat to my apartment. But I need a discrete and as small as possible one. Which one can you recommend to me? I've looked at the 3 models, but I don't have enough clue about any of these Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein dishes and I don't want to be offline when it rains or snows:)

Thanks for the comments

esto 24.05.2011 11:39

Re: Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein?
It's not so much the brand of the dish, but the size. Larger dishes have more signal gain. Do you have a clear view of Eutelsat?
You can check the direction here:


Is it 16E that you are looking at?

Then you should be ok with a 60cm dish, or maybe even a 40cm. Maybe have a look at TechniSat's DisiDish, that's pretty small and discreet looking:


taskalem 24.05.2011 14:59

Re: Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein?
Thank you very much for the comprehensive e-mail.
I'm looking for 7E - Eutelsat W3A actually. And as far as I can see I have a clear view from my place.
Can I watch it with 40 cm dish?

esto 24.05.2011 17:49

Re: Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein?
I can get 7E fairly well on my 60cm dish, I guess a 40cm should be ok. But maybe go with a 60cm to be safe. Your call.

taskalem 25.05.2011 09:37

Re: Selfsat, Neovia or Kathrein?
Thanks for the tip.

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