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Re: Jail breaking IPad

Thank you very much for your post it was incite-full and well thought out. I completely understand where your coming from. Though it seems I want a notebook you have to understand that the tablet is going to replace them. If Apple is going to be he industry leader here they really need to start compromising with a few more advanced features. Under the hood of iOS still lurks the power of BSD. When you Jail Break a iPad the old file system paradigm is still present. In stead of consolidating all of your data in one area like /user/[username]/ iOS stores it under the individual program. This will have to be completely redone when/if iOS finially allows for multi usernames. Another problem arises when the user decides to delete the program, the data goes with it.

Apple seems to be going the way of the general user and throwing the prosumer aside so maybe all of this is a good thing. As a nerd who grew up with computers starting with a Commodore 64 I'm kind of scared the way some OS's are heading, fastfood computing. Yes you can argue that it makes it easier for the everyday man to get around their system but at what price. The individual doesn't learn or worst yet the system doesn't allow a person who starts to learn and want's to swim into deeper waters only to find that the pool is standing depth for the entire length. Meaning, bocking access to the terminal, disabling the filemanger which is cleary still present and possible and not allowing for customization, even if it is playing as you say, it is stillinherently dangerous to those just starting to use computers.

My daughter, when we returned her iPad for a Asus Transformer completely blown me away. She's 13 now, knew very little about computers, in 3 months she has taught her self the definitions of almost every media extension, what's needed to use them, convert them if nessesary. She taught her self FTP protocol, using the command line, no GUI, to download files from switch.ch. She was frustrated with the limitations of Facebook, she wanted a more customized look so for her birthday I registered a domain name for her with Switch and I introduced her to Joomla. It took a while but she is now editing the raw PHP and HTML code. Not on any professional level mind you but the fact that she is even trying makes me very excited. The iPad would have never sparked her interest this way.

I'm not asking Apple to change it's desktop enviroment as it seems to be working for them, I am asking them not to hide those features that are already there and that I want/need, it's still a Unix OS. Customizing your desktop let it be icons or font is important. When you moved into your house was it already furnished, no, you had to furnish and design the look your self, something that reflects who you are, same thing goes for your computer desktop. The more comfortable you make your work enviroment the more work you get done, yes your right it's not a toy. Especially for something that costs 600 plus.

The codec situation has nothing to do with battery, it's all about the dollar signs for Apple, they want their users to purchase their media from them. I can play 3 Divx movies and my battery still has 40 percent left, same battery percentage when I play a MP4 on a iPad. This is okay but again I would still like the chance to decide myself and have the ability to install any codec I want. I can do it on OSX why not iOS. Look the iPad is setting the pace of Apple of the future, OSX will go away mark my words, Apples decision to alienate their professional by discontinuing the server line, neutering their pro-software and dragging their feet with proper upgrades to the Mac Pro line blatantly shows their direction.

Your misinformed about the Flash situation, Apple said no not Adobe and gave the excuse that it was to buggy and it didn't adhere to their standards, which I can understand. Believe me Adobe wanted nothing more then to give Apple Flash. Apple was/is protecting their content revenue, nothing more to say. If it was trully Adobe then why not allow Gnash or any other Flash clone on it's platform, no it's all Apple that's why there isn't any built in Divx support.

The iPad isn't cheap, it costs more then most midrange laptops now. It's also very popular and that's not going to change anytime soon so all I can do is bitch in forums and keep my family and friends aware of my conerns. I know I sound like a troll now but Apple's direction is starting to scare me almost as much as this years presidential election. Did you know Kansas want's to take Obama off of the ballet because of the birth certificate issue.

Anyway, thankyou for your post. So you live in Switzerland to, how are you coping with that?
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Re: Jail breaking IPad

My post will be much less flowery, I guess.

Half your arguments seem to center on the usage of media, either that for which you have no license, or to use it in a method outside your license. Like it or leave it, but Apple certainly has no financial interest in supporting your piracy, given that they sell media.

The other half are this odd file system argument, which gets odder when you talk about the future multiuser support. Adding the sort of FS capabilities you want would break their application sandboxing model, which is actually one of the strengths of the iPad (I do NOT look forward to the day when I have to run an AV scanner on my tablet and phone). Not gonna happen anytime soon.

We get it. You're not someone who cares about image, and you want to be able to use your tablet in the same fashion you use your PC. Go Android, you'll be happier. But just understand that most of us iOS users don't have the same needs as you, and that we're not going to validate your choice.
I'm likely typing from an iPad. Please disregard odd word usage.
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