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Jennimay321 21.01.2012 13:09

Mobile phones
Hello, I have another question. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area.

I am moving to Lugano next month and I'm not sure what to do about a mobile phone.

Should I get a swiss sim card to use for me to contact people in Switzerland and keep my english sim card to call home (UK)? Or can you make/recieve cheaper calls to/from the UK from a swiss sim card?

Thank you


cst 21.01.2012 15:33

Re: Mobile phones
I imagine that using your UK SIM card to make calls back to the UK (i.e. "roaming") will be extremely expensive.

moggy 21.01.2012 15:52

Re: Mobile phones
I have o2 pay as you go sim, the calls cost me 35p a minute to make, 10pm a minute to receive. text cost 10p a minute to send and are free to receive. I used to have a contract with o2 changing to pay as you go, worked out cheaper for international.

There are different deals in Switzerland so you will have to check out what suits you.

If you have 2 mobile handsets, it might suit to have one of each, so then you know everyone in the UK still have your details. I have often done this in travelling within different countries. I have often left my UK one at home and checked it in the evening to see if any messages/missed calls.

A sim card in Switzerland will usually cost around chf40.00, but sometimes you buy it for X amount with either so much credit or a token to buy credit.

You have to decide whether to buy pay as you go or contract. if pay as you go, check out the offers at Micros. If you get a contract, remember to keep a note of the end date, so that you remember to give notice

Jennimay321 21.01.2012 15:57

Re: Mobile phones
Thank you, I have found out that on orange I can phone the UK for 30minutes for 5. Will only realy be using my mobile to talk to my partner, as I can email and skype my friends, so I may just keep my UK phone and see how I go.

Thanks again.

17clarence 21.01.2012 17:23

Re: Mobile phones
You can get a Migros sim card for CHF20, or including a phone for CHF30.
Migros uses the Swisscom network so it's fine.
Phone is sim locked.

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