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2funky 06.06.2012 14:42


I have a Parabola (satellite dish) and with that i can see all channels (Sky).

I still get this bill of 30 CHF per month fro Cablecom, although I only have DSl+phone at home.

Stange that they ask me for this money!!!

I could move to Swisscom (only 20Meg on my town) for 59 CHF or any other way not to play those dammm sitel??


FriendlyKiwi 06.06.2012 21:39

Re: Sitel
If you don't want the service, cancel it

Until it is cancelled, it stays active.
And when it is active, you pay for it.


2funky 07.06.2012 09:07

Re: Sitel
Yes thats the point. I cancelled the TV but i still have Sitel to pay.....

Vlh22 07.06.2012 10:15

Re: Sitel
I'm not quite sure if I understand. Are you saying that you use Cablecom for your internet and phone, but not for TV?

In that case, you still have to pay the monthly connection fee:


Requires a cable connection with feedback channel from upc cablecom or one of our partner networks. The costs for this connection (usually CHF 27.40/month) are normally covered by the ancillary costs in rented apartments. Minimum contract period 12 months. A one-off fee of CHF 49. is charged for activating the service. Paper-based bills: CHF 1.50 per bill. Programme details subject to change without notice.
Source: The small print at the bottom of this page.

Be warned, if you do decide to switch to Swisscom, you will need to specifically ask Cablecom to send someone out to deactivate your connection. Otherwise you will still get billed. Been there, done that.

If I've misunderstood and your phone and internet is not through Cablecom... then you need to ring Cablecom up and ask them to send someone out to deactivate your connection!

Sbrinz 07.06.2012 10:25

Re: Sitel
Another thread,


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