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Guide to Television Reception in Switzerland
Contents removed; they've been updated, corrected and extended by HeatherM below:

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Guide to Television Reception in Switzerland
Options for watching television in Switzerland

There are many ways one can receive television programs in Switzerland.Many of the subscription services in Switzerland offer a reasonable range of English-language programming. You can find out the channels offered, availability and pricing information for each of the above services on their official websites.

Television licensing fees in Switzerland

All persons capable of receiving television and radio signal in Switzerland are obligated to pay licensing fees to Billag. Yes, you do have to pay even if you don't watch Swiss TV, and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. It's the law, and you will be served a hefty fine if you don't pay up.

Satellite television reception in Switzerland

Satellite television is enormously popular with many foreigners living in Switzerland. It is possible to receive these channels for free through Sky or Freesat. The following threads in Englishforum cover most of the details concerning installation* of a satellite dish in Switzerland and what channels you can receive.
  1. Setting up a satellite dish for Sky or Freesat (FTA or FTV)
  2. What is FTV and FTA
  3. Multiroom and SkyHD
  4. Sky+ and again
  5. Getting BBC (better now to see #1 ;))
  6. Line-up & Connection (also see #1 for more concise information)
  7. Problems during rain
  8. Bring Your Own Box?
  9. Installer Recommendations
  10. Sky Agents - people who will get you a subscription for a price
  11. Freesat
Sky TV Facts:
  • Sky does work
  • Sky does not need a phone connection (so forget Multiroom)
  • Sky+ does work
  • SkyHD does work (but I don't know anyone with it here yet)
  • Try not to call Sky from here without suppressing your number
  • Say you're in Switzerland to them and they will cut you off
  • You can pay the monthly DD with a foreign card

*A few notes about installing satellite dishes in Switzerland:

Some landlords are against the installation of satellite dishes on their property. There is a federal law that explicitly states that you have the right to receive foreign language television programs (including those broadcast by satellite), but many landlords prohibit the installation of dishes because they destroy the property.

If you are refused permission to mount a dish on your building, there are a few options.

The above solutions won't prevent the neighbours from complaining that your dish is ugly, but they do save you from getting in trouble over damaging the building.

Importing foreign televisions to Switzerland

In short:Frequently asked questions about watching foreign programs in Switzerland:There is more information about television reception in Switzerland on SwissWiKi.

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