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AbFab 04.10.2018 14:44

Re: lyca mobile?

Originally Posted by michebel (Post 2998808)
Regarding my experience with HELLO SWISS M, long story short:
-I was not able to use the money already on the SIM to pay the renewal, I have to use my credit card even if I have enough money on the SIM
-The price for HeLLO SWISS M seems to be blocked since July/August 2018 (and I hope it remains so)
- When I've used the automatic renewal, it never charged the full price on my debit card
-Roaming (the small amount of data we should have) is a mystery abroad: sometimes i paid as soon as i entered Italy, sometimes not
-At the beginnig It was possible to use the smartphone as an hotstot, I tried some days ago with my Iphone 5 with a negative resul

I have Hello Swiss S, also CHF19/month. M will/may revert to the full price of CHF39/month if you are not careful.

Lycamobile award bonuses when topping up with your cc, however these cannot be used for bundles. So either you drop your bundle for a month or two to soak up the bonuses, or as I do use the bonus for international roaming.

Their roaming changes are a mystery! They only seem to apply to data and this can vary between CHF5 anf CHF0 per day depending on which way the wind blows - but as this comes our of the bonus and I cant spend it any other way, I cool with it.

Lycamobile does not allow hotspotting...

we_da_man 04.10.2018 15:00

Re: lyca mobile?

Originally Posted by AbFab (Post 2999005)
Lycamobile does not allow hotspotting...

That us not quite true. Hotspot works well on Android devices able it sometimes at slower speeds. IOS/iPhones on the other hand is not all that easy.

michebel 04.10.2018 19:23

Re: lyca mobile?
I'm almost sure I used the hotspot with the iPhone 5 I have in the very beginning of my relocation here in Switzerland (I needed to use the pc/tablet). I haven't check the option for a long time and a couple of days ago I needed the hotspot and I didn't find the tab in the settings...boh?

robBob 27.01.2019 10:37

Re: lyca mobile?
Just something I read:

JakubB 27.01.2019 20:03

Re: lyca mobile?
Switched to UPC - 29 CHF for 4GB of the internet, unlimited calls and texts, no roaming costs (even for the data!) in Europe. And all this using the Swisscom network and roaming partners :msncool:

user137 27.01.2019 20:09

Re: lyca mobile?
I migrated to yallo fat with the black friday deal. 23 CHF for flat CH (voice and data), 60 minutes calls to EU per month, 200MB data roaming, no commitment, Sunrise network.

Wingo is also cool, 25CHF, CH flat, 1GB roaming in EU (no voice, though), also no commitment, Swisscom network.
[sorry, correction: Wingo does have a 12-month commitment at this rate]

Halfasleep 27.01.2019 23:04

Re: lyca mobile?
Ive had issues with using lyca abroad, for whatever reasons it does not access a preferred partner network for instance when in the Netherlands or in countries in Asia. Works fine in Germany and the UK. But since many sites uses a mobile number to send an authentication code, being on Lyca has let me down. Can anyone comment if they have experienced issues like this from other providers.

AbFab 28.01.2019 00:55

Re: lyca mobile?
I am currently in Australia. Before I left I let my Hello Swiss S package expire, as it didn‘t cover Oz and the cost for calls to and from here are horrendous.

But on arrival I got the usual „Call like you are in Switzerland“ message. Also data roaming is 3G and CHF0.50 per 5Mb. The local carrier is Telstra.

My partner called me - also Lycamobile. The call said is was from Russia and cost me nothing. But I can‘t call the other way! I received a call from Germany free too.

Now I‘m really confused...

Afterthought - the data charge is taken from my recharge bonus.

AbFab 07.03.2019 08:17

Re: lyca mobile?

Originally Posted by Xai (Post 3048475)
Why don't lycamobile care about these problems? :confused:

Its run on a shoe string and you get what you pay for...

freeburgh 07.03.2019 17:52

Re: lyca mobile?
lyca runs on a shoe string, and are being actively investigated
for money laundering and tax evasion in several EU countries.
They recently went bankrupt in Hong Kong and closed down..
I would expect their EU operation to struggle and slowly close
various countries.. I would NOT use a TREASURED NUMBER on
lyca as if/when they close porting out will be impossible.

YMMV.. anyway they are a shit operator since 2017 onwards.

Yallo has been my fav, with SALT PAYG for 4g+ 180mb speeds in my village. :)

TinyK 09.05.2019 09:47

Re: lyca mobile?
I found out that lyca offers new bundles Call Daily Swiss and Surf Daily Swiss for 1.5 CHF, but I was not able to find any details of these bundles. Do I understand correctly, that they will charge me 1.5 CHF only on the days when I make a call/use mobile data and nothing on the other days?

Bejeraste 28.01.2020 22:33

Re: lyca mobile?
Hey guys.
I know this thread is a bit old, but I wonder if anyone ever got one of the Surf bundles.
I see that on the Unlimited it says "4G Data(first 100GB 4G Data then reduced speed 256kbps)".
Does anyone know if the other sizes (S,M, L, XL) also continue having internet, albeit in a reduced speed, after spending all the amount of the bundle (respectively: 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB)?
Thanks in advance!

PackElend 29.01.2020 13:44

Re: lyca mobile?

"4G Data(first 100GB 4G Data then reduced speed 256kbps)".
can be find in any unlimited package but figures can be different


after spending all the amount of the bundle
if you bundle is at zero, you pay the MB per Standard rate, means your credit will drop rapidly

PackElend 29.01.2020 13:45

Re: lyca mobile?
Does anyone ever got the error message

Need Business flow & Clarification on this functionality
when trying to pay a bundle with balance/credit?

Bejeraste 29.01.2020 22:33

Re: lyca mobile?

Originally Posted by PackElend (Post 3142173)
can be find in any unlimited package but figures can be different

if you bundle is at zero, you pay the MB per Standard rate, means your credit will drop rapidly

Thank you, man. Thats I wanted to know. If you just reduce speed or pay normal price after that. Scary thing!

I have no idea how to solve my need for cheap-but-can-be-slow internet then... :msnblush:

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