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yvrao3166 21.10.2013 00:07

Indian TV vhannels /Dish

Are there any service providers who offer indian TV channels or is there an outlet which sells the DishTV connections for indian channels and also installs them?

I live in Lugano.

kashif 21.10.2013 10:40

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
I heard that TataSky works in Switzerland. That will be the cheapest and best option.

Also, Cablecom and Sunrise provide some tamil and hindi channels which cost 10chf each per month.

yvrao3166 21.10.2013 18:29

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
thats good to know, is there any dealer for tata sky in swiss that you know of?

thanks for the quick response!!

wreckingcru 22.10.2013 09:46

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
Tata Sky will almost certainly not work in Switzerland as the broadcasting satellite does not cover European airspace. SO even if you have a Tata Sky box and a dish pointed in the right direction, you will not receive satellite reception.

Whitters 22.10.2013 14:25

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
British Sky TV has a number of Indian channels...some of which come 'for free' with a Sky subscription, whereas others will need an additional subscription

yvrao3166 22.10.2013 20:21

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
Sounds like an interesting proposition. will check it out today.

vishalcsarode 23.10.2013 22:22

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
Hi All,

Thanks for the info.

Is Sky TV available/legal in Switzerland ?


rob1 23.10.2013 22:29

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
As its a private company its legal but against the companies terms and conditions .

Whitters 23.10.2013 22:38

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
Unless you also have access to a UK address you need to use a local company here to get the gear and subscription (at a premium of course).

You're not supposed to have it here as far as Sky are concerned but its not illegal, but if Sky found out they could disable the card. However they have no way of finding out unless you connect the box to the Internet or phone line, or call them and tell them!

telandy 23.10.2013 23:22

Re: Indian TV vhannels /Dish
You may want to look at IPTV, a box which connects to the internet and the box connects to the TV. I have no idea of quality etc. Just googling gave me this:-


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