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Sean Connery 21.10.2013 15:28

Consider me an occasional convert to: 3DTV
I watched Man of Steel in 3D last night on my new TV which does 3D.

I was a doubter for a long time. Very long.

Can I just say that watching a movie in 3D is absolutely excellent. The other half did not fall asleep in the movie and that's unusual.

What I can report is a few teething problems with the glasses (which are the downside). Also the Samsung glasses do appear to be able to fit over eye fgasses if you wear those.

I like it rather a lot and, as long as there's only 2 of us, we'll do this once a week :)

I could not do it all the time and glasses-free 3D will maybe change everything but it was actually good and not too cheesy.

we_da_man 21.10.2013 20:27

Re: Consider me an occasional convert to: 3DTV
Did you ever try to watch some of the movies provided by Samsung through their 3D app? if not then you should.

also you should try to get the IMAX 3D Triple Feature.
I am not much of a nature TV watching type person but the one about the Galapagos blew my mind out. :eek:

P.s. if you don't have the 3D app then let me know. also you can "download the IMAX 3D Triple Feature stick it on a USB and watch it that way!:msncool:

enjoy your new TV!

TiMow 21.10.2013 20:37

Re: Consider me an occasional convert to: 3DTV
Food Fight is always good for a larf, on the 'Explore 3D' app. ........ even wearing over normal glasses.

Superfast 22.10.2013 00:33

Re: Consider me an occasional convert to: 3DTV
If u have a Sony blu-ray player u have SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) and watch some games and videos on 3d.


Also, Avatar or Transformers 3 in 3d are amazing.

But i would say that 3d blew my mind when i set up the 7.1 system.

3d i believe focus u more on movie (since u have glasses and darker environments) and sounds become much more alive.

Watching Despicable me 3d and 7.1 sound i would dare to say only better in Imax cinema (not availalable in Switzerland).

lost_inbroad 22.10.2013 00:56

Re: Consider me an occasional convert to: 3DTV
For some reason, the whole 3D gig is still not something for me. I cannot get used to the unnatural way the picture shows..technolgy will certainly advance and I can imagine, that the quality of the picture will improve..but for the meantime, I will keep watching television the old fashioned way.

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