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wunnspeed 13.06.2014 10:01

Searching for home network person - Zurich area
I have a virtually all Mac household running UPC Cablecom (just laying the ground work). I recently bought an Airport Extreme and it set up in a few minutes. Thinking how easy that was, I bought a refurbished Airport Express to extend my network. That's where the problems started.

Not having any luck getting the Express to join the network, I reset the Extreme to factory settings. Oddly, I now have both the Extreme and Express working but the Extreme doesn't seem to want to talk to the UPC modem. I've tried leaving them off for an hour and then restarting, but to no avail.

At this point, I've probably got 6-7 hours into this and I'm super frustrated as well as out of ideas. I'm conviced it's something someone who knew what they were doing could fix quite quickly.

So... I'm willing to pay someone to fix it if anyone knows someone competent in the Zurich area (Mettmenstetten to be specific) that will come over and do it.

Thanks in advance.

cello 14.06.2014 01:32

Re: Searching for home network person - Zurich area
I could help you (for free) but I'm in Lugano ...

Let's start from the basics... If there is something wrong with the Extreme, the amber light should be flashing.

What is the error message reported if you open Airport Utility on your Mac?

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