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Montana2 31.12.2015 10:49

Calling Swiss Mobile phones using Skype
Both my husband and I have pay as you go mobile SIM cards from yallo. As I am away a lot, my husband has always phoned my Swiss mobile using Skype as this is a low rate way to phone.
However just recently, Skype does not connect anymore. When I spoke to someone at Skype, they said that many people have reported the same problem, the reason being that Our mobile numbers were now premium numbers and Skype does not connect to premium numbers.
I then contacted yallo. They said nothing has changed with their system. Yallo have issued us with new SIM cards but the problem still exists.

As both yallo and Skype both deny changing anything, I really don't know what to do next.

Has anyone else had the same or similar problem?

TiMow 31.12.2015 11:45

Re: Calling Swiss Mobile phones using Skype
Your post prompted me to try calling my mobile using Skype iPad app. (I've only previously called landlines).

Call was ended before it connected with message 'Blocked'.

As I'm with Aldi Mobile (PAYG), using Sunrise network, it must either be a Skype issue (probable), or possibly a PAYG issue (unlikely).

It would be interesting to know if anyway has connected to a mobile on a network contract, using Skype.

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