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grynch 30.11.2006 12:19

Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
Hello all.... I wonder if any of you folks are DVD literate?....

My wife and I have a bog standard Sky box, and rather than upgrade to Sky+ we've been thinking of buying a recordable DVD player and I was wondering if anyone could recommend one?

I've been reading a little bit about them but to be honest I'm getting a bit bogged down between DVD+ DVD - DVD RW, HDD, BIB , Bi Bo BI bicki by... ( err.. wait.. skip that last part ), and then somewhere just when I thought I had it down I saw one player that had zones ( our current player is zone free... I thought that was pretty much standard now )

thanks for any help


g :confused: :D

Lob 30.11.2006 12:51

Re: <<DVD recorder
alright....a Sky+ box cannot be replaced by a DVD recorder, even a HDD one.

Sky+ can record two channels at once whilst playing back a recorded programme. This is the big advantage there.

I do have a DVD recorder (-R because the media seemed cheaper). You'll want one perhaps that could control the Sky box (or have the Sky box set it recording). One also with HDD would be better for timeshifting.

But it will never beat Sky+, warts and all that it has.

grynch 30.11.2006 14:45

Re: <<DVD recorder
thanks Lob... you say I want one that can control the SKy box... can you recomend a model... or tell me what to look for in features? ( *duhhh... willl it say.. "controls sky" ?.... sorry if I am a bit of a numpty )
p.s.. we would go for sky plus but our local guy quoted us 1100 chf for the box, plus installation , plus of course sky monthy charges... does this sound about right to you?

Lob 30.11.2006 15:07

Re: <<DVD recorder
absolutely over the top for a box but I assume you're using an agent? What package are you on? For Sky+, it's best to have a couple of premium channels and you don't waste 10 per month (well, you effectively pay more but get something for it).

I believe there are some devices called "IR Blasters" which will control between the boxes. I know no more, unfortunately.

grynch 30.11.2006 15:17

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
agent?... well in that he provides the material ( box, dish, etc ) and odesx installation but the account is our own, set up at our real address in England.

and we have sky basic.. neither of us were ever interested in premium channels

btw.. we got our original sky box about 6 years ago when it was "totally" illegal ( same guy as quoted us for sky+ ) now I notice there are several companies around advertising sky set ups ( its not illegal now? ?? )

I suppose it would be worthwhile to check them out eh?... I just assumed our guy was giving us market price.

grynch 30.11.2006 15:19

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
p.s.. thansk for the tip on IR blasters.. I'll check that out.

Lob 30.11.2006 15:38

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
150 for a Sky+ box from places like www.simplydigital.co.uk

It was never illegal - just breaching Sky terms and conditions... ;)

You would then call from your "home number" in the UK and pair the units. You could also then elect to pay 10 for the Sky+ functions or up your subscription so that you pay more but get more.

How many Mixes do you have now? I assume you're Two-Mix at 15 a month?

grynch 30.11.2006 16:28

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
two mixes?.. ya I guess so... yes it is 15. per

if we buy the box from the site will they ship ovah heah??? , and does that include new heads for the dish ( dont ask me.. someone said we need dual heads on the dish for sky + )

Lob 30.11.2006 16:31

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
They will ship it for about 25 AND take off the VAT, I believe.

QUAD LNB you can get here - I assume you're not using a Minidish? Given your location even a zone B minidish would not give you BBC, etc.

grynch 30.11.2006 16:35

Re: Timeshifting Programmes: DVD recorder or Sky+
ok thanks again..... quad lnb.. I guess you mean the heads ( be kind, I'm just a dumb american ya know )

and mini dish.. the dish is about so big (*holding hands pretty wide * )
ok, no sorry.. the dish is about 3ft diameter I guess.

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