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stuart1956 21.09.2017 21:30

i need some advice what do you think of skyDSL internet i have Cablecom at the moment but i am having some problems is it worth changing, and could somebody give me advise about the internet speeds is it fast or slow.thanking you


blackbird 22.09.2017 09:06

Re: sky-dsl
well, 30mbit is pretty slow these days, currently 1Gbit is possible(Glasfiber
will be needed ).

Deschutes 25.09.2017 17:44

Re: sky-dsl
uuuuuuuu ...watch out. The THEORETICAL speed they give you is maybe 15mbits which is ok. However during congestion they guarantee only a 50th of that (read = download speed of about 30kb - cannot even load an internet site).

I personally have used sky dsl and the speed was usually 12kb (unusuable). When I called them they said read the contract -> which is what I did so "your speed / 50" is what you get. And that is almost every evening, effeminately Friday and the whole weekend. So their service is basically not usuable.

I have since canceled their service - obviously - and just got a 4G Modem with a simcard and antenna, you should be able to do this virtually anywhere (minus the ocean and rural australia / africa etc.)

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