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Harrie Nak 27.11.2017 13:44

Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
For those of you looking for a new mobile phone contract, Salt has a good deal on offer (only today):

65% discount on Smart Swiss

Everything unlimited in Switzerland:

Unlimited calls
Unlimited SMS/MMS
Unlimited high-speed Internet (4G)

19.95/month instead of 59.95/month


Disclaimer: I don't work for Salt. ;)

Guest 27.11.2017 15:51

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
This seems like a great deal. What's the catch?

curley 27.11.2017 16:10

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt

This seems like a great deal. What's the catch?
That salt doesn't work properly where I live ;)

And here's the small print:
<<Offer valid only for 24-months subscriptions, without a new phone.
Activation fee, incl. SIM card: 49.– (charged on your first bill).>>

I vote for wingo.

Guest 27.11.2017 16:24

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
I'll stick to my Aldi mobile. It's cheap and flexible and they also give you 50 CHF bonus for changing provider instead of Salt charging you to join them.

kiwiguy08 28.11.2017 11:12

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
It's not an "amazing deal". They often charge 29 chf for the same package plus you also get 60 min/month calling to europe and US and 200 mb per month roaming included

And after 24 months they will charge you 59 chf

Erazor 29.11.2017 23:33

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
And of course I switched from Sunrise to Salt two weeks ago, right with the Smart Swiss package (29.95/month) :(

lousmap 03.12.2017 23:36

Re: Cyber Monday Deal @ Salt
salt is a no go in my village only get 1 bar 2g everywhere.. drive 2km next village 3g 5 bars. asked when upgrade.. silence.. oh well.. so much for coverage in a non remote village. under their new ownership seems
their network expansion has slowed to a crawl....

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