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houdini 13.08.2018 23:01

Experience with 1a speed?
Hello everyone,
I am moving into an apartment that is connected to the ewz.zürinet and want to get fast & cheap Internet. (Internet only, no need for TV & phone.)

It seems that https://1a-speed.ch is cheaper than any of the other providers listed on https://www.zuerinet.ch/try-and-buy. I'm particularly interested in getting the 60/60 plan for 37 CHF/month.

Does anybody here have any experience with them (speed, customer service, etc...) ? There is very little information available online.

hof86 14.08.2018 11:26

Re: Experience with 1a speed?
Hi houdini,

I had 1aspeed and they were quite okay. Installation was quite easy and an electrician came since it was the first time that we had fiber. The rest is quite straightaway, had 1-2 issues with the router but with a couple of emails it was solved.

We have a particular set-up at home, where the fiber entry point is on the upper floor but the living room is downstairs. Thus, their box is connected to the Ethernet box upstairs and then it goes through the house wiring to the connection downstairs...The speeds were around 80 or so, but I assume there is a loss due to this setup.

I terminated my contract with them because ours was 59/month for 100/100 and now they offer it for 47. They were not willing to give us the new conditions so we cancelled. Otherwise I would have stayed with them.

Hope this helps!

houdini 21.08.2018 18:45

Re: Experience with 1a speed?
Thank you, hof86.

I just signed up for 1a-speed, I'll report back how it goes.

CHnuschti 22.08.2018 00:52

Re: Experience with 1a speed?
It's indeed a nice offer. All provider offering fiber in Zürich (except Swisscom of course) are just resellers of the EWZ fibers. So most offers of them are practically identical what concerns internet only. For the 39 CHF/month in most other places you just get a 30/30 Mbps, like the one I have at iway.ch . ggamaur.ch as exception also has the 60/60 offer for 39 CHF/month, Leucom offers 40/40 for that price.


blackbird 22.08.2018 11:53

Re: Experience with 1a speed?
i am with 1 a speed on 200/200 mbit for 70 sfr/month, speed is awesome(1GBit is possible), phone comes extra.

Lexswiss 09.02.2019 04:04

Re: Experience with 1a speed?
Worst experience ever. Just choose solid good internet provider .

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