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Roland 18.02.2019 14:00

PC Assembly Service in Zürich or Zug

Are there any shops/services in these two cities than can assemble a custom pc from parts i would order from digitec?
Basically, a service like steg provides


But with more reasonable prices for less work, i need the pc assembled and tested if any of the parts i order are defective or dead on arrival, after that it would be shipped to me and i would handle the rest.

So in short, i dont live in switzerland but want to buy my pc from there because prices, my sister(who does live there) would buy the parts then bring them to my country when she comes home to visit, though i dont know if digitec warranty can be used for a local service center in my country, that would make things easier :o
Then i could just wait for the parts without getting them assembled before shipping, and if anything breaks i can have it fixed locally.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

manuelv 19.02.2019 15:18

Re: PC Assembly Service in Zürich or Zug
I actually can do that for you privately, even at my work i did buy the parts and assembled accordingly, for an high end pc.

Anything fancy like radiators for watercooling? Because at least coolers and pci express cards i wouldn't recomend to ship them in place.

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