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aleciccio 25.03.2019 14:03

Yallo Home Internet
I currently have a 20Mpbs DSL connection that I'm paying 54CHF/month.
No complaints, it works perfectly.

But I heard about the Yallo Home Internet offer, that claims to work at 250Mbps for a price of 39CHF/m.

Does anybody have some experience with this offer? I strongly doubt it really reaches that speed, but if I have any guaranteed download speed above 20/30Mpbs I will seriously consider it.

Some key points:
- I live in the countryside with the nearest 4G tower ca. 2km away
- The area has a relatively low population density
- There is no 4G+ around
- I use it to stream netflix and youtube, gaming and occasional download of large files

mgosia 25.03.2019 15:31

Re: Yallo Home Internet
For us in Zurich city download speeds rarely above 30. Weekend evenings often as low as 2. Still almost always fine for streaming. Personally I would not risk it to save 15chf/month if everything works perfectly for you now. We only switched from UPC as we stopped watching TV over cable and never used our land line but will likely switch again to fiber when it becomes available in our building. I think the only way to predict how it will work for you is to find and ask a neighbor using the same offer.

CHnuschti 25.03.2019 21:25

Re: Yallo Home Internet
Here: https://www.digi-tv.ch/topic/12760-l...comment=203998 a recent report with the Yallo subscription writes of a "general bandwith of 50/50 or more". But I agree that the location likely is a major factor for the bandwidth.

Two postings later it is mentioned that the current Yallo offer has no minimum contract period, only 60 day cancellation period. So you might just try it.

blackbird 26.03.2019 20:27

Re: Yallo Home Internet
Sunrise has currently an offer (fiber) up to 1GBit , for 45 sfr per month

aleciccio 27.03.2019 09:44

Re: Yallo Home Internet
would you please point me to the webpage with the offer?

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