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Papa Goose 08.05.2019 12:15

Tiled floor 1- ATV4K remote 0
Yep, ATV4 remote hit the floor and the glass touch pad is cracked, not totally shattered, and it's still functional, but only a matter of time before a wee glass splinter makes its way into my finger.

I turned to google and found options to replace the remote, but not much success on just getting the glass replaced, and I have emailed a few phone repair places, but no reply yet. I can't believe I'm the only one to have damaged the glass on the remote, so anyone else in the same boat had any luck getting the glass front replaced... and yes silicon case is ordered.

Patxi 08.05.2019 16:27

Re: Tiled floor 1- ATV4K remote 0
Sorry, can't help with your question about replacing the glass. However, I have been using clear Gorilla tape on the front of my Galaxy S8 phone for months now with success. The front (and rear) glass is severely cracked with loose shards. Once I put the tape over it, it functions perfectly and doesn't slice my finger anymore. If you aren't worried about how pretty it looks, it could be a solution for you.

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