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PedroCZ 14.08.2019 20:07

This is my TV antenna socket - what can I get out of that? 😁
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Hi all,

I'm a total newbie about TV reception, never really needed it, never used it. But my girlfriend apparently needs few channels to watch some German content now and then. I've looked at some of the guides here, but didn't get much from it. Also worried they might be outdated since the last posts are from number of years ago. So attached are pictures of what sockets I have in the wall. Could anybody please tell me based on that whether I will be able to get some channels from that (free terrestrial broadcast?) or not? I've also heard they are planning to cancel this free broadcast this year, is that still true? Do you know when exactly should that happen? Thanks in advance 🙂

aSwissInTheUS 14.08.2019 20:23

Re: This is my TV antenna socket - what can I get out of that? 😁
DVB-T broadcast over the air has stopped https://www.broadcast.ch/de/fernsehen/antenne-dvb-t/.

The left socket with the 4 holes is a landline telephone socket.

The socket on the right is a TV and Radio socket. The coax cable is either attached to an antenna on the roof or connected to a cable TV provider network. The later is more likely, and as your location says Zurich the cable provider is most likely UPC.

If it is UPC:
There is still good old FM radio on the radio socket. A list of available channels can be found at https://www.upc.ch/de/television/ana...adio-stations/

On the TV socket the broadcast is digital using the DVB-C format. IF your TV support s DVB-C you can tune directly https://www.upc.ch/en/support/television/change/change/. Otherwise a set-top box from UPC is needed. https://www.upc.ch/en/support/television/tv-box/

Be aware that you pay around CHF 40/month through your auxiliary bill for the basic cable TV subsription https://www.upc.ch/en/support/basic-digital-offer/ ! If do not need the UPC socket you can cancel the subscription (through the landlord) it and they will put a sticker/seal over it.

Apart from UPC there are other options to watch TV. Through the Internet (Wilma/Zatoo), through the phone line (Swisscom TV/Sunrise TV), or through a fiber connection (FTTH) using an IP TV provider.
What is best, cheapest, depends on what you need and want.

3Wishes 14.08.2019 20:33

Re: This is my TV antenna socket - what can I get out of that? 😁
Don't forget Billag/Serafe. ;) You get to pay that. :D

AbFab 15.08.2019 09:07

Re: This is my TV antenna socket - what can I get out of that? 😁
First question: is cable TV included in your rental contract? It usually is...

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