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AthanasiosGR 25.09.2019 21:35

Salt Fiber in Zug
I have already Salt mobile and i was thinking to get Salt Fiber. Currently i have WWZ Quickline's Smart S plan. I don't need more speed tbh, but then again, if at the same price i can get fiber speeds (plus the channels and landline), why not \_(ツ)_/

So the only question is about the quality of service (real speeds, interruptions, customer support). Does anyone have experience specifically for the city of Zug? I couldn't find any relevant info in the other big thread about Salt Fiber.

fotogary 01.10.2019 21:45

Re: Salt Fiber in Zug
I have Salt Fiber and so far no complaints. Seems as quick as my Sunrise Abo was.

dennis 02.10.2019 11:04

Re: Salt Fiber in Zug
me too, happy with no complain in city of zug

AthanasiosGR 02.10.2019 20:50

Re: Salt Fiber in Zug
Thanks for the feedback guys, one more question important for gaming, what is your ping to German (e.g. Frankfurt), Dutch (e.g. Amsterdam) and English (e.g. London) servers?

AthanasiosGR 10.10.2019 13:10

Re: Salt Fiber in Zug
Anyone for the latency (ping) tests guys? :o

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