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justcamehere 05.01.2020 20:45

switching from UPC ( To Salt Fiber ? )
Back in 2017 I subscribed with UPC broadband and also their TV channels package. If I recall there was a 2-year lock-in before I could switch providers. I forgot to look for alternatives when the 2 years passed but I'd like to look at it now.

The premium I pay seems rather steep and can no longer justify it, as I don't watch too much TV.

I'm thinking of switching to Salt Fiber, but I'll look at other alternatives before I choose.

How do these contracts work in Switzerland ? In the absence of an explicit 2-year roll, can I cancel UPC anytime and switch providers ?

Do I call the provider I want to switch to and they care of everything regarding the transfer or I need to talk to the old provider as well ?

Finally, any suggestions for lower cost internet providers are more than welcome.

heiserhorn 05.01.2020 21:15

Re: switching from UPC ( To Salt Fiber ? )
Might be worth checking with UPC.You might have notice period. Another provider might offer assistance in cancelling your previous contract but not all of them.

If you are interested in fiber I suggest to take a look at https://www.init7.net/en/



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