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AthanasiosGR 13.03.2020 00:33

online photo album
I've found an old thread (2010) recommending ifolor, is this still the best service in Switzerland? Any competitive alternatives?

axman 13.03.2020 13:55

Re: online photo album
I used to prefer


but that was a long time ago...

NetflixBuff 15.03.2020 16:37

Re: online photo album
photoservice.migros.ch/de/ - then use Browser's translate option to see in English. Prices could differ, but it's all about quality. A few weeks ago, I had to make A2 size posters for my company. The quality difference between a discounted provider and a local print shop was remarkable. Other option is look up "druckerei" on maps and walk to a local print shop. From their machines and scale of business, you might get an idea about their price/quality offering. Unfortunately, you may have difficulty finding English speaking staff, but mostly they will be very honest about their service offering and may have samples to show you.

axman 31.03.2020 07:39

Re: online photo album

currently 20% discount on all orders until end of April.

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