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RooSKi 05.04.2020 22:06

Where can I get my Google Pixel 3 fixed?
Hello everybody,

A year ago I bought myself a Google Pixel 3 in London as I was living there before moving to Zurich. But unfortunately, lately the rear camera on this great phone broke and became extremely shaky, constantly losing focus. Turns out this is a known and pretty widespread issue, just google for it.

Therefore I have a question: does anybody know who and where can repair my phone? So far I have spoken to Digitec, who said they don't do repairs unless I bought from them and suggested I speak to mobiletouch.ch, who also told me they couldn't fix my phone.

My phone is technically still under warranty, but I am not sure whether it is international or just the UK warranty. And even it is international, I doubt it works in Switzerland because it's not a country where, according to Google, these phones are available. Anyway, I am willing to pay for fixing my phone if required.

Thanks in advance.

blackbird 06.04.2020 16:37

Re: Where can I get my Google Pixel 3 fixed?

Or send the goolge phone to germany (warranty)


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