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Island Monkey 09.08.2020 16:31

Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)
Can anyone please recommend an internet provider that actually provides a decent speed internet via phone line (not fibre) for a reasonable price?

I was with Swisscom, but it was expensive and frequently slow. Switched to Yallo home internet, good price, but frequently too slow to watch TV... after missing today's F1 due to internet issues I'm seriously annoyed. :mad:

We seem to be on the edge of Sunrise 5G according to their map, but signal said to be only 2 out 5. Our apartment is in what used to be an aparthotel, and websites don't recognise the address to check the service availability/speed. So was thinking about upgrading to Yallo 5G, but it probably won't work.

Anyone have any experience of SolNet or MBudget broadband? Any others?


squeezethecroc 09.08.2020 17:15

Re: Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)
I'm with Sunrise for internet, tv and two mobiles. Total cost per month is, I think, Fr. 125.00. I live half-way up the mountain, off the beaten track and have no issues with it, except when the weather is very stormy or there's thick fog (I think the phone line from the mast to my house is a bit wobbly).
I found their customer service to be very helpful too.

My son downloaded a game and he says it was amazingly fast compared to the speed we had in London, where it would have taken most of the day.

Can you check coverage by inputting a close neighbour's address?

bwkranger 09.08.2020 17:18

Re: Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)
It's a bit hard to know with speeds being different in different areas. We have M Budget TV and internet, we're really happy with it. We get lots of international TV stations, broadband speed is good, well good enough for us! We'd normally stream TV shows use Netflix etc and seldom have any issues. Service and prices are good, we're in Uster ZH so not sure what speeds are like in more remote areas

aSwissInTheUS 09.08.2020 17:36

Re: Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)

Originally Posted by Island Monkey (Post 3205127)
but frequently too slow

Sounds more like an issue with the line from your home to the exchange, or with your line in the home. Not much you can do if it is the former and there is too much crosstalk and line attenuation to have a reliable high speed.

There are (were?) possibilities to see the actual DSL line quality when you log into the modems management console.

In the end DSL is a sophisticated hack and real feat of signal processing to bring high speed data on the plain old telephone system. Few might have imagined that DSL will bring speed of more than 10 MBits/s in so many homes. That is more than six times the speed of a T1? Who are you that you need that much privately, Tony Stark or what?

Island Monkey 09.08.2020 18:04

Re: Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)

Originally Posted by aSwissInTheUS (Post 3205137)
Who are you that you need that much privately, Tony Stark or what?

I just want to be able to run 2 TVs without them freezing!!

Verbier 10.08.2020 12:07

Re: Phoneline broadband providers (DSL)
Have you looked at the cable option (UPC)? Is there anyone in your building already hooked up?

Depending where you are, you might be able to even get the 1GB level (which is what we have). Depending on the setup in your apartment you can run cable to the two TVs. From the modem you can run either ethernet to the computers or use their/your wifi.

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