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Sean Connery 04.09.2020 14:35

Apple event 2020
Since it could be in the coming two weeks, maybe an upbeat thread to counter the COVID/masks ming-mong ping-pong ones is in order?

Frankly, I am hoping the rumour about a new iPad Air is true; that's the one thing I am interested in. Since my iPhone X is running fine with the iOS14 beta, I am absolutely not interested in the phones as they are not such a great step up for me.

What are others waiting for and hoping for?

porsch1909 04.09.2020 15:14

Re: Apple event 2020
I've been in the Android wilderness for a few years now and hoping to flip flop back to iOS this generation. I typically don't get last year's model but if there is a nice price decrease and not much new with the iPhone 12 then I may well do that.

Phil_MCR 04.09.2020 15:29

Re: Apple event 2020
mobile phone is a bit boring now. i'd be excited to see their ARM based laptops whenever they finally are released.

Uaby 04.09.2020 15:39

Re: Apple event 2020
New Apple watch could be interesting if they incorporate glucose tracking in it

bowlie 04.09.2020 18:05

Re: Apple event 2020

Originally Posted by Uaby (Post 3214035)
New Apple watch could be interesting if they incorporate glucose tracking in it

For that they would have to team up with one of the CGM producers.

In any case Apple Watches work today with third party transmitters (that read the CGM and transmit via Bluetooth) like the miao miao and bubble. My combination is FSL1 from Abbot, a miao miao 1 and a fitbit.

Island Monkey 04.09.2020 19:21

Re: Apple event 2020
I donít need a new device right now... next purchase will be either a new phone once 5G is widely available, or a new MacBook once my current one dies. There is nothing exciting enough on the new devices to go and buy one just because.

Caleb 04.09.2020 22:59

Re: Apple event 2020
I would love to get a smart watch (I can certainly afford whichever one I would want), but I barely even remember to wear my Garmin Vivosmart 3 when I work out or go out biking. I completely lost the habit of having a watch altogether.

BasP72 04.09.2020 23:27

Re: Apple event 2020
I cannot afford the Apple tax... :o

Evulmonkey 05.09.2020 10:36

Re: Apple event 2020
I'm very much looking forward to the new apple Watch S6. Not necessarily becuase I need the new features on it but I managed to smash the screen on my S4 a month ago and it's now perfect timing for the new model :) The screen replacement on the S4 was going to be about 350CHF so really not worth it when the brand new S6 won't be a *lot* more than that.

AbFab 05.09.2020 11:11

Re: Apple event 2020
Bought my iPad Air in April 2015 and have used it for at least a couple of hours a day since and took it round the world. Now battery life is about 10 hours, but otherwise it is still giving sterling service. If there is a new one, it needs to be good!

me.anon 05.09.2020 11:25

Re: Apple event 2020
I also can't summon up any excitement about these things any more. I was given an Ipad as a leaving present from an employer in 2014. It gets about 2 hours use per day night and, apart from the battery being a bit tired, it functions perfectly.

rainer_d 05.09.2020 16:52

Re: Apple event 2020
There's also the "Apple Tiles" thingies.

Those could be helpful for my mom - except she'd need a new iPhone with a UWB antenna first...

It's rumored that only the very top-end iPhone 12 will get "full" 5G and that it could be very expensive.

Just bought a new MacMini in March, so unless I need a laptop at some point in the future, I should be covered for the next years.

azt33 06.09.2020 09:32

Re: Apple event 2020
I’m looking forward to the new (last) 13” MacBook Pro, whether it is Intel or ARM. I have a 2016 13” model, and would be ready to upgrade soon!

Phone (iPhone 11 Pro) and Watch (S2) I’m not interested at all, given that I barely use my watch and was wanting to get rid of it anyways. I’m still very happy with my 11” iPad Pro (2018 model) and will not be replacing that one either.

I am very curious what they are going to do in the ARM space, hopefully some fresh innovation/new features will come our way.

John_H 06.09.2020 12:19

Re: Apple event 2020
Another one that doesn't get too excited with these announcements any more..

We're an apple household already but nothing really needs replaced. It all just works fine and works for a very long time.

Some of our MACs are over ten years old and perfectly serviceable for daily use.

Rjellsch 06.09.2020 23:25

Re: Apple event 2020
I canít say itís something Iím excited for but Iíve been hearing the Apple is working on some type of ďglassesĒ to facilitate augmented reality. Any chance they might be mentioned at the event?

Iíd probably also be curious about an iPad Mini Pro.

rainer_d 07.09.2020 11:10

Re: Apple event 2020
Not before 2021.


Wouldn't be surprised if it's well into 2022.

That Apple Silicon transition is a pretty big bite to stomach on its own.

naza 08.09.2020 13:25

Re: Apple event 2020
Apple Watch and IPad Air according to Prosser


iPhone announcements are typically the week after Labor day (next week)

Sean Connery 08.09.2020 13:55

Re: Apple event 2020
I am betting a press release today with new Air and watch on 23.9.20.
iOS and WatchOS released gold master a week tomorrow.

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