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lpuerto 09.11.2020 10:46

Apple HomePod (mini)?

Can anyone tell me why there is not in the apple store any HomePod? Why apple is not providing this product in Switzerland?

I'm interesting in the mini version…

BostonToZurich 09.11.2020 10:53

Re: Apple HomePod (mini)?
I'm not sure! You can't get any homepod here from Apple. However - you can still order online - just not from apple.


HomesickAlready 09.11.2020 15:15

Re: Apple HomePod (mini)?
I have ordered via digitrends last week. No idea how long it’ll take though. Might’ve made more sense to drive over the border to Germany.

BostonToZurich 09.11.2020 16:26

Re: Apple HomePod (mini)?
Well it's only presale for now - starts shipping Friday, but I also recently read that delivery dates from Apple in Germany are up to 8-11 weeks..

I ordered yesterday from digitrends, but don't have any update as to when it will ship either. Guess I'll get a nice Christmas present then :)

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