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srw 17.11.2020 08:23

Fiber ISP with port forwarding + fiber installation
I'm planning to get a fiber internet connection at my flat, where the fiber is installed in the basement, but not taken until the flat itself (bit the connectors and the pipes are ready).

I called Sunrise to ask how much would it cost to install the fiber into my flat, but they just told me that they didn't know.

After that, I was checking Salt, but I've seen that they sell the port forwarding option for an extra 10CHF/month.

Do you have any recommendations to get cheap fiber where I can do port forwarding?

Spaceghost 17.11.2020 11:50

Re: Fiber ISP with port forwarding + fiber installation
If you have the main BEP (box in basement) all set up but no box in your apartment some ISPs will do the fibre box part into your flat for free.

Also talk to your landlord as mine sorted it all out for the whole building recently with their building management guys and they've done all the apartments over a couple of weeks. Mine was happy to sort it because it's far easier to re-rent apartments which already have fibre connectivity nowadays.

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