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Nickj 19.01.2007 12:57

IP Address
Appealing to any IT boffs out there,
Iím trying to change my IP address to a UK one so that I can assess live sports broadcasts and other stuff that is restricted to the UK only. Not being a computer techie this is proving somewhat tricky. (as in where can I get a valid UK IP address from)
Any advice /tips? , by the way I have a Mac.


Lob 19.01.2007 12:59

Re: IP Address
google "public proxy" and then look on the webpages and set your proxy for browser and media player to a UK one. YMMV on this; it's trial and error :)

Nickj 19.01.2007 14:12

Re: IP Address
Lob , thanks for that , Ok. i see potential out there , but obviously not as easy as I would like it to be.
Googled public proxy like you said and thought I'd hit the jackpot, found a UK ip address and entered it into my Network settings . But when I do an IP location test it still comes up Switzerland and the name of my ISP.
I can see me losing my connection with the server often in the coming weeks as I try to sort this one out.

Lob 19.01.2007 14:14

Re: IP Address
close your browser after putting the new proxy in.

Also you'll find it's not the feed but the webpage doing the validation. Find the real feed and you probably won't be blocked.

You'll also find that using dodgy open proxies is S L O W

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