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esto 20.12.2008 20:40

COOP (Orange) Pre-Paid SIM Activation
I bought a COOP pre-paid phone today. Usually I beleive they should activate the SIM card in the store, but I don't think she did, and I forgot to ask. When I switch the phone on it says "SIM Registration Failed".

My questions are:

1- Is it possible she did activate the SIM in the store, but it may take a day or 2 to register in the network? (Or should it appear immediately?)

2- If it is not activated, is it possible Coop Mobile can do it over the phone?

3- ...or do I have to return to where I bought it to have it activated? (..or ANY Coop can do it?)

The Coop Mobile website didn't mention SIM registration anywhere, so I assume it must be done in the store...

PS- Didn't Coop Mobile use the Sunrise net? :confused: I could have sworn they used Sunrise. I was kind of suprised when I saw "Powered by Orange" on the box :msncrazy:

esto 22.12.2008 16:32

Re: COOP (Orange) Pre-Paid SIM Activation
...to follow up on my own post: the 0800 Coop Mobile number said they couldn't help me, that it must be activated where I bought it from. Same response from other Coops I stopped at. I returned to the original Coop I bought it from, and they said I have to wait 2-3 days for the SIM to get activated. I could have sworn when I bought an M-Budget phone they activated the SIM immediately and I could make calls the same day :confused: ...strange...

jrspet 22.12.2008 16:40

Re: COOP (Orange) Pre-Paid SIM Activation
My experience was a little different.

I got a sealed Orange prepaid kit with CHF 20/- in credit through Ebay in mid November.

I reached customer customer service by email and phone but they told me the serial number was not found in the system and hence could not assist me.

On my own initiative after about 7 days, I went to an Orange outlet ( near Zurich HB ), presented my ID to a sales rep, and selected a number out of 4 that was presented on the screen. My SIM got activated within 6 hours - received two SMSs which allowed out to use online resources.

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