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cyrus 14.02.2007 12:38

PS3 Pre-orders
The PS3 will be available for pre-order from Amazon.co.uk tomorrow, if the other launches are anything to go by, it will be sold out in minutes...

I've looked on Amazon.de, and they state they'll only ship the PS3 to DE.

Looked at sites on Toppreise, and although they have them offered up for sale, I can't tell if they actually have confirmed units ready for launch.

So where do I secure a pre-order for my PS3, is it even required? I picked up a Wii late on launch day from InterDiscount at Luzern BHf with no trouble. The Swiss don't seem to be as mad for consoles as the Brits.

Thambo 14.02.2007 12:44

Re: PS3 Pre-orders

Price is 899 CHF

cyrus 14.02.2007 13:56

Re: PS3 Pre-orders
This was one of the sites I checked, trouble is, some sites put them up for sale, but don't yet know how many units they'll be getting.

I stuck their delivery info through Google translate, and it seems to say delivery date is safe.... which is promising

Andres 14.02.2007 14:35

Re: PS3 Pre-orders
900 .- ? haha

Better spend that money on a 360 cuz its the same and you'll get halo, best game ever !

Lob 14.02.2007 14:37

Re: PS3 Pre-orders
don't forget that the cheaper Blu-ray DVD player is 2000 or so ;)

mind you, for the betamax of 2008, I'll not be shelling out any money. And I have my Wii - and www.wiihaveaproblem.com ;)

cyrus 14.02.2007 14:51

Re: PS3 Pre-orders
Yeah yeah, I also bought their previous betamax, the minidisc... Is it really goning to matter when you'll be able to download Hi-Def straight to the box?

As for Xbox 360.... Uhmm, probably end up buying one eventually for Halo, as I did with the Xbox1. Just not that keen to let Microsoft into my living room, they give me enough trouble at work:(

Thambo 14.02.2007 16:47

Re: PS3 Pre-orders

Originally Posted by Andres
900 .- ? haha

Better spend that money on a 360 cuz its the same and you'll get halo, best game ever !

I was not impressed with the 360 when i played it at a friends house in the UK.

Halo can be played on the PC so makes no difference just to buy a 360 for that

cyrus 14.02.2007 18:19

Re: PS3 Pre-orders
Well Digitec got my order, let's see how they do. At least it's pay on delivery.

Just the Hi-Def TV to buy now...

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