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irishness 12.06.2009 15:55

Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
Can anyone help me find a good package for both tv and internet in Vaud?

I currently have cable tv, which has some basic english channels, and attach a modem to my laptop to pick up the internet. I would like some more english channels and it seems logical that some providers should offer a package deal for internet and tv. I'm not having much luck finding any though! :msnsick:

Thanks for any help you can give.

12.06.2009 16:11

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
Check swisscom for Bluewin TV or Cablecom online. Packages are available from both.
OR you can get a Skybox and dish to install and get a few hundred channels (not all great)

magic 12.06.2009 16:20

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
Swisscon also have an online checking facility to see what you can recieve at your address.

operagirl 12.06.2009 16:35

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
We are very happy with Bluewin TV. They offer several English channels along with their Video On Demand service where you can rent films and watch them in their original language for a reasonable price. The wireless internet in our place uses the same modem as the tv now.

Keefyd 04.12.2009 10:21

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
Got Swisscom TV yesterday - got it set up within 4 mins by myself - I kid you not. This does not include the time for the software upgrade.

Very impressed so far. Well worth getting.

You change the order of the channels online, so I have now got the whole set-up replicating the Freeview channel listing within the UK for ease.

BBC HD is stunning - that is only available via Sky or FreeSat in the UK, but my goodness the picture quality is amazing.

Any q's, PM me -

And all over copper.......!

PaddyG 04.12.2009 12:33

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
In Swiss Romand, you'll be better off with Swisscom TV (as it is now known). They have a better selection of English language channels than Cablecom in your area.

seanmcg 23.02.2018 18:49

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
( I can see this is an old thread ) What's the best was to get lots of English TV channels in Zürich? We have Swisscom but the channels are not great...

Prose 25.02.2018 13:38

Re: Tv and Internet Package - Best Options?
I just signed up for swisscom tv and internet yesterday. The price seemed good at 95 per month for the 1GB connection. If you sign up for a phone line that gets a discount too. I was told the t.v. includes 100 plus channels and several English ones too.

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