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icebear 04.08.2009 12:42

Internet Options in Geneva

Just found out that my flat isn't eligible for Cablecom so I'm now looking into either Swisscom ADSL or the Orange Flybox. I'd prefer the first, but was wondering if a telephone line is required for it, as 50+25 CHF isn't exactly the greatest bargain for internet - I will not be using the phone line much, if at all, and would just as soon prefer a cable without voice capabilities.

The other option I'm looking into is the Orange Home Pack, which uses the 'Flybox', but I'm concerned about speeds. I don't need to be blazing fast but ideally it would be better than the terrible wifi I'm able to 'borrow' at the moment, which works just for email and news and not much besides text.

Any thoughts on Orange's Flybox or experience with getting a ADSL connection without paying for a voice line?


Boxman 04.08.2009 12:58

Re: Internet Options in Geneva
The Flybox looks good, actually. If I did not hit 100Gb per month, I'd be tempted to go in this direction - even if I hit 19 + 30 per month. In theory as well, the modem can be upgraded to 7.2Mbps - and if you're anywhere populated then your service should be good (or you can give back the kit within 2 weeks, of course).

Nickyboy 04.08.2009 13:41

Re: Internet Options in Geneva
I'm pretty sure Swisscom requires phone service to get ADSL.

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