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crazysniper 24.05.2010 16:39

Phone Home for Free using Mobile Phone
Hi Everyone,

I thought i'd share some knowledge with fellow EFers on how you can make a phone call for free from your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Right before we go any further I just want to clarrify that in order for this to work you need the following:

a.) A Mobile Phone that is capable of connecting to the internet through WiFi. Or if your phone has internet already (like most iphones and android phones) that'll work too.However you might experience instability with the connection. So connecting to a WiFi is more advisable.

b.) A Wifi Access Point (of course) to get connected to the internet.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Download and install Fring (www.fring.com) to your phone. Most Symbian Phones, Android and iphones are supported. Check the Fring website for any other supported handsets.

2. Get your family and friends to do thesame their end.

3. Add their username into your buddy list then call them for free =) from your mobile phone. Even better, Video Calling is now supported with Fring so make sure to check this features as well.

What if the person i want to call has no phone that is capable of connecting to the internet? Or what if i wanted to call a home phone?

You can still call them however you need to use SIP from a VOIP Provider.

I use VoiceCheap (www.voipcheap.com) Why? because they are the cheapest and unlike Skype, they have a list of countries where you can call the home number for free including UK. Check VoiceCheap's website for more info.

If you want to use VoiceCheap as well, you need to do the following:

1. Sign up for a Username and Password.
2. Buy a 10 Euro Credit

Once Done.

1. Add the SIP Features in Fring by clicking the "Add Ons" button then select "SIP"

2. Input your VoiceCheap Username and Password in their designated field and "sip.VoipCheap.com" in the the proxy server field. Then "OK/Save" Thats it you are good to go.

One word of advice though. Make sure to click the "SIP Call" and Not "Cellular Call" button when making calls. Otherwise you might end up with a massive bill from your Mobile Phone Provider.

Thats all folks! I hope I've helped you in anyway with this post.


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